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Jinju Dasalla

Jinju Dasalla, PhD, RYT, embraces the power of dance, flow arts, and yoga as portals for somatic healing and personal transformation. Featured in Elle Magazine after her successful debut at Wanderlust 2016, Dr. Dasalla is on a mission to share the medicine of “flow” with the masses. As a professional life coach, performer, facilitator, and instructor with a doctorate in neuroscience, Jinju offers truly unique perspectives, pioneering new paradigms for personal growth and transformational learning that harmonize science, art, and soul.

In 2012, Jinju co-founded Soul Flow Arts, LLC, with her husband, Nova Dasalla, as a platform for training and educating health professionals, coaches, yoga and dance teachers, therapists, and parents on the neurological and spiritual benefits of embodied play, especially as it relates to a fast-growing, new field known as the "Flow Arts". In just a few short years, hundreds of individuals have experienced profound healing, self-discovery, and empowerment through their work, which in part, involves sharing the art of dancing with poi and the hula hoop to re-pattern the nervous system and release trauma.

As the visionary leader of transformational Soul Flow Retreats and author of upcoming book and transformational flow arts program, Beauty that Transforms, Jinju's vision is of a world that remembers how simple and sweet healing can be. She holds emotional attunement as the foundation of all flow practices and believes, to love is to flow. Her classes, workshops, and coaching journeys consistently call forth elements of play, possibility, and purpose to ultimately awaken one's inner fire and innate wisdom.

Since becoming a mother in 2015, Jinju is more inspired than ever by the miracles of Life and the reminders her little one brings on the true meaning of Flow.