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Jessica Haynes

Yoga Teacher
Ewa Beach
"I want to know and understand the suffering and healing for others."
Growing up in Michigan, Jessica loved to explore, wonder, learn and grow. Her curiosity and adventurous nature lead her to Michigan State University to study global urban education. She taught academia in Baton Rouge, Chicago, Detroit, South Florida and South Africa. Moving to Hawaii was a lifelong dream. Blending her love of learning and yoga she became a yoga teacher in 2017 in the YOGA4EWA 200 hour teacher training program under the guidance of her teacher Tasha Kauihou. Jessica believes that yoga can't be mastered and is very individual allowing for harmony and calmness through the breath and controlling the mind. It's cathartic nature allows for liberty and can be life changing. She wants to help students increase wellness, mental concentration and flexibility in a gradual way. She loves all forms of yoga and hopes to bring the world peace, unity and spirituality to all who are ready.